How Should the Kids Avoid Bully?

Oct 10,2018


As a matter of fact, bully can be seen often in school, even in kindergarten. If the parents can teach their kids the effective ways to deal with bully, it may decrease the harm caused to the kids rapidly. And here are some tips for you:

1. Ignore the bully directly

When the kids meet the bully, the parents should tell the kids to ignore the bully and his/her behaviors or words, and go to a safe place where there is a teacher or an adult. The bully likes to trick others. If a kid get mad or scared, the bully would get excited. But if the kid ignore or doesn’t care about the provocation, the bully may get bored and then give up to trick him.

2. Keep calm

Please tell your kids to try their best to keep calm and control their emotion when meeting bully. It would be best if they can show their objection.

3. Don’t take the measure like “violence must be met by violence” to the bully

Some parents may think that violence must be met by violence. Actually it is not right. Because it may make the situation get worse. The best solution is to leave the bully and seek for the help of the adults.