Why the Kids Like Being Late for Kindergarten?

Oct 09,2018


In kindergarten, there are many kids late for school because of all kinds of reasons every day. Late for school doesn’t seem like a big deal. But if the kids are accustomed to being late for school, it would make the kids form a habit of not obeying the time schedule. And it is also bad for the development of the kids.

So why are the kids late for school?

1. Like staying in bed in the morning

One of the reasons why the kids are late for school is that they like staying in bed when their time schedule is not regular and their life habits are not good enough. If the kids don’t want to go to bed because they want to watch TV or play games, then the parents must remind them firmly till they go to sleep.

2. Get up slowly

Some kids can get up in time, but are sluggish. They let the parents help wash faces, wear clothes, have breakfast or prepare the schoolbags. Sometimes they would forget many things.

In fact, the parents should not help the kids do something when they can do them by themselves, such as wash face, wear clothes and have meals. Give a regular time schedule to the kids.

3. The parents wake up the kids in a wrong way

Many parents like waking up the kids aloud, but they can’t get a good response. Actually, we need the good skills to wake them up. We can play the relaxing music, and then wake them up mildly.

4. The kids are against to kindergarten

For many kids who just begin to go to kindergarten, kindergarten is a totally strange existence. At this time, the kids would be very nervous. If the reason why they are late for school is that they don’t like the kindergarten or are scared of the kindergarten, then the parents should communicate with their kids to find out why they don’t want to go to kindergarten.