Are You a Helicopter Parent?

Oct 08,2018


Do you know what is helicopter parents? It is the representative of over-parenting. Their characteristics are:

1. Give their children whatever they want, never train them their ability to gaining what they want.

2. Never let their children have any frustration or feel wronged.

3. Just pay attention to the children’s study and care about nothing else.

4. Never organize the children to do the housework or work.

5. Replace their children to think or decide.

6. Never listen the parenting suggestion of the experts or others.

The harm the helicopter parents may cause to the children:

1. Make children lazy.

2. The children will lack the ability to solving problems independently.

3. Influence the future work and life of the children.

So how should we avoid becoming the helicopter parents?

1. Respect the independence of the children.

2. Let the children try what they can do.

3. Teach the knowledge and skills of living independently to the children.

4. Let the children make the decision by themselves.

5. Think about the suggestion of the parenting experts.