How to Help the Kids to Make New Friends?

Sep 17,2018


Human is a social animal. And social ability is a very important surviving ability for us. Making friends is the first step to start social ability for the kids. But some kids are born to be shy, for them, making a new friend may be harder than learning new knowledge. At this time, the parents need to give them some help.

1. Invite the kids of your friends or your colleagues to your home to have fun. At the beginning, don’t invite too many kids, one or two is OK. And the time should be limited in 2 hours.

2. Lead your kids to interact with other kids. Before playing, the parents can prepare some games or some toys that the kids are familiar with. After other kids coming, the parents can lead them to interact with each other. If the kids have contradiction when playing, the parents can interrupt properly, but don’t try to control the condition.

3. Take the kids to the public place to play. The parents can take their kids to the park, the amusement park or the library to encourage them to make new friends.

4. Consider to give a pet to the kids. Maybe some kids are not ready to play with others. At this time, the parents can let their kids try to play with the pets. Of course, we need to make sure that the pets are not dangerous for the kids.

5. The parents can invite their own friends to their home to play. The kids will notice carefully what the adults do, and imitate the action of their parents inviting their friends.