The Housework the Children can Do at Different Ages

Sep 14,2018


During the children’s growth, they spend most of their time on studying and playing. But, please remember, we should also let them learn to do the housework when they are young. It is very important to cultivate their self-care ability. Then, at the children’s different age groups, what housework is suitable for them?

1. 1 - 2 year-old children: finish the very easy housework. The children before 2 years old don’t have strong action ability, but the parents can also start to cultivate the children’s sense of housework, like let the children use a spoon to eat by themselves, throw the used tissue into the garbage can by themselves, or make the toys in order.

2. 2 - 3 year-old children: combine the housework and the games together. After 2 years old, the children can learn to do more things by themselves. And the children at this age have stronger self-awareness, so it is a good opportunity to teach them to more things independently.

3. 3 - 4 year-old children: cultivate patiently the children’s ability of doing housework. After 3 years old, their practical ability is stronger. They can put the dirty clothes into the laundry basket, finish their clothes, and even help their parents take the daily newspaper. After 4 years old, they can even sweep the floor, wipe the table, fold the clothes, etc.

4. 4 - 6 year-old children: make the housework more difficult gradually. At this age group, the children can put the tableware on the table before having a meal, and after the meal clean up the table and tableware; every night before sleeping, choose the clothes themselves they need to wear tomorrow and tidying their own schoolbags; put on their shoes and get dressed by themselves; etc.

5. The children after 6: make the housework become a part of the children’s lives. When the children start to go to primary school, they can do all their things basically, and also help their parents do what they are able to do. Like pick up the dirty clothes, wash the clothes by washing machine, help Mom wash the tableware, help Dad wash the car, etc.