How to Cultivate the Kids’ Responsibility?

Sep 13,2018


Sometimes, many kids are just devils. They would think they are the center of the world. And at their ages, their self-awareness is very strong. They want to do their own things, and hold the initiative. At this time, the parents can make use of their self-awareness to teach them that they are responsible for what they do, let them know what are the responsibilities and the rules.

1. Start from the simple tasks. Let the kids finish a task independently is the first step to bring up their responsibility. But for the young kids, we should not let them do the too difficult things. We can let them start from the easy things.

2. Set an example for the kids. The parents are the first teachers for their kids. So, if want to let the kids learn to take the responsibility, the parents should set a good example.

3.  Make the tasks interesting. The boring housework can be the interesting games. For example, the parents can play the happy music when they clean the house with their kids.

4. Encourage the kids to do the things by the positive ways. Many parents let their kids do something in a punishing way. Such as, if you don’t do something, you can’t get any presents or eat ice-cream. This will make the kids rebellious easily.

5. Give the kids more chances to try. When the kids want to do something by themselves, many parents may want to help them to do it or just stop them doing it because of protection, which is bad for the kids’ development.

6. Give them praise. The parents’ praise is the admission that the kids want mostly. It can strength the kids’ sense of responsibility.