The Games the Kids can Play at Home

Sep 11,2018


Many parents worry about that they don’t know what they can play with their kids on weekends, since they have played all the toys and read all the books. They really don’t know what they can do to kill time and make their kids have fun. Today, here are some games that we want to share with you.

1. Go for an outing to collect the things that the kids like. Choose a sunny day, take the kids to the park or anywhere they like, and collect some special little things, such as the stones that have different shapes, the leaves that have different colors, and the little fruit on the ground.

2. Perform with the toys. Let the kids help their parents choose some dolls, and then everyone plays one character. The kids can use different voices to dub with parents.

3. Use the vegetables and the fruits to make an “Art Dinner”. Collect the vegetables and the fruits in the refrigerator , and then cut them into different shapes, and then arrange them in the plates.

4. Make the bubble liquid by yourself to blow bubbles. You can make the bubble liquid by yourself, and then blow bubbles at home with the kids.

5. Lie down to see the clouds. Find a sunny afternoon, and lie down on the grass of the backyard or the park to watch the clouds gathering and spreading. 6.Play music and dance. This is a very relaxing activities. Open your cell phone or your computer and play some music, and then invite your kids to dance with you.