How the Kids Should Learn “Thanksgiving”

Sep 08,2018


Now many kids are spoiled by their family. They can’t do anything by themselves. If a kid is spoiled for a long time, the kid would take for granted, and believe the parents should satisfy all their requirements. As a result, it may make the kid very selfish. Today, we are going to share that how to teach the kids thanksgiving.

1. Create the surprises for the kids, instead of giving them too many choices. Surprises would let the kids regard the things that their parents give as a real gift, instead of a natural right. When the kids have too many choices, they would become unhappy. Because they always think they can have better things.

2. Discuss about the best things they have met in a day with the kids. The parents should find some time every day to talk about the things that are worth to appreciate in a day with their kids.

3. Encourage the kids to give the warmth to other people. Sometimes the community would hold the activities like contribution and volunteer service. The parents can let the kids join them.

4. Encourage the kids to communicate with others politely, even at home. Tell the kids that the attitude is a choice, if you choose a positive attitude, then you will get what you want more easily or you can do something better.

5. Say “thank you” all the time. Encourage the kids to say “thank you” every second. Let “thank you” become a habit of the kids.

6. Let the kids do some housework. If the kids never do housework, it will be hard for them to understand that how exhausted their parents are after doing the housework. They may even think that it is natural that their parents should do the housework instead of them.