How to Know If the Kids Are Ready to Go to School?

Sep 07,2018


As we should know, some kids are not ready to go to school because they are not mature enough. At this time, the parents should not force them to do it. It should depend on the kids’ specific condition whether to send them to school or not.

1. Can the kids go to the toilet independently or have they received potty training? Many kindergartens have a rule that “a kid should not wear diaper in kindergarten” or “go to the toilet independently”. Thus, before go to kindergarten, the parents should train their kids to go to the toilet independently.

2. Can the kids leave their parents for some time? The kids who go to kindergarten for the first time may find it hard to leave their parents and burst into tears before walking into the kindergarten. It is very important if the parents can let their kids stay in kindergarten for several hours.

3. Can the kids play with other kids? A kindergarten is a group. The kids should be able to finish many tasks with other kids. Thus, before going to the kindergarten, the kids should have the social interaction ability, and learn to share and cooperate with their little friends.

4. Do the kids still need to take a long nap? Although most kindergartens allow the kids to take a nap, if some kids need to take a nap for several hours, then the parents may let the kids adapt to the kindergartens’ rest schedules.

5. Do the kids have the ability of listening and speaking? At least the parents should make sure that the teachers in kindergarten can understand the words of the kids, and the kids should be able to communicate with other kids normally.