Which One IS More Suitable for Kids? Montessori School, Day Care or Family Care?

Sep 06,2018


The environment has a great effect to the kids. And the school is the first totally strange external environment to the kids. And it is also the place where they start to learn to make friends. Thus the parents must be very cautious when they choose the school for their kids. But how to choose the school is a big question. Here are some advice for you:

1. According to kids concrete conditions. The kids’ age is an important factor in choosing school. Generally, the family care is more suitable for the kids who can’t use the toilet. And for the kids who leave their home for the first time, family care’s flexible arrangements and the kind teachers can let the kids feel the warmth of home.

2. According to the kids’ personalities. Just like the adults, the kids have different personalities. Some kids are introverted, quiet, and don’t like to play with other kids. Other kids are outgoing and lively. Suggest that the parents can choose family care for the shy and quiet kids. When the time is ripe, they can consider about day care.

3. According to the type of the schools. As we should know, the Montessori school regards the kids as the adults. The kids are required to be as independent as the adults. Thus, the Montessori school is more suitable for the independent kids.

4. According to the teachers. We all know the importance of a good teacher. Suggest that choose a teacher who can make your kids happy for your kids.