Teach Your Children to Stay Away from Sex Abuse

Sep 03,2018


Recently, there are lots of reports about children sex abuse. And in many cases,  the demons who abused the children sexually is the children’s acquaintances, even their teachers or classmates. The children who have suffered from sexual abuse have injured in mental and physical. In some cases their lives are even in danger. Therefore, it reminds of the parents that they can’t ignore to give their children the right and scientific sex education. The sex education can not only tell the children about the knowledge of body and pregnancy, but also teach them to protect their private parts, and tell them they have the right to say “NO”. Now, there are some suggestions for the parents about how to protect the children from sex abuse.

1. Never think it is too early to talk about sex with children or think you can protect them from sex abuse permanently. No parents can stay with their children all the time. As long as your children can speak, it is never too early to talk about sex with them.

2. Don’t be shy to talk about the private parts. It is the first step. To teach the right name of the private parts can help the children tell you what have others done to their some private parts.

3. Tell the children not to allow others to watch or touch their private parts. And except Mom, Dad, and doctors who need to check their bodies, others can not touch their private parts without their permission.

4. Tell the children not to allow others to take photos for their private parts. Besides watching and touching, taking photos for private parts is not allowed, either.

5. Tell the children not to keep secrets for the ones who have offended their bodies sexually. Most sex offenders would tell the children to keep secrets or even threaten them. Since scared, the children choose to keep silent.

6. Teach the children how to escape when feel unsafe. Parents can tell the children if they find someone wants to something wrong to them, they can lie that they feel uncomfortable or want to go to the toilet, and then go to find their parents immediately.

Sincerely wish it can help!