What Do You Need to Know about a Kids School?

Aug 30,2018


Hello, everybody! Today, we are going to give you some advice about kids school. After all, you should know the kids school before you decide to let you kids enter it.

1. The education of the kids school

A. What’s the education of the kids school? Does the school focus on teaching the kids knowledge or letting the kids play happily?

B. What’s the scale of a class? How many kids are there in a classroom? And how many teachers are there in a class?

C. What parent-child interaction activities does the kids school have? Or how does it spend the festivals, like Easter and Christmas?

D. How do the teachers deal with the problems of discipline or behaviors, such as biting, fighting, robing the toys or bullying?

E. Will the teachers do the potty training with the kids?

2. The employees of the kids school

A. What’s the degree of education of the teachers and other employees? Or do they have any qualification certificates? Have they received the professional training? Did the kids school do the background survey to all the teachers and other employees?

B. How many working years does the most experienced teacher have at the moment? What’s the mobility of the teachers?

C. Have the kids school equipped with the professional medical staff? Can the kids school provide the kids with medicine or urgent allergy treatments?

3. The safety problems of kids school

A. How can the parents know their kids’ newest condition of daily activities in the kids school? Does the kids school provide the daily report?

B. What safety measurements does the kids school take with all the equipment and facilities? Can it guarantee the safety of the kids?

C. Does the kids school have a specially assigned person who is responsible to contact with the parents if there’s any problem?

Sincerely hope it can help you!