How to Choose a Good Daycare Center?

Aug 29,2018


For many children, they would stay in a daycare center for a long time. Thus, the parents must choose the daycare center very carefully. So, what should they know about a daycare center? Here are some questions prepared for you to ask about the daycare center:

1. When was the daycare center built? And how many children who have been taken care of are there? So far, what’s the proportion of the children and the workers?

2. Does the daycare center provide the lunch and the snacks? Or do we need to bring the food from home?

3. If the children still need to drink milk, then how does the daycare center deal with the frozen breast milk or the formula powder?

4. How does the daycare center manage the ill children? Does the ill children need to go to school?

5. If the parents can not receive the their children because of illness or working overtime, how does the daycare center deal with this situation?

6. Does the daycare center arrange the bus to take the children to the school and bring them back home? If yes, where is the regular pickup location?

7. Will the toys or the class material that the children use be disinfected regularly?

8. How much are the tuition and other fees? Does the daycare center have a waiting list?

Truly hope they can help!