How to Choose Kids Furniture?

Aug 28,2018


Have no idea about how to choose kids furniture, dear? Here are some tips for you:

1. The wood materials need to be environmental. The wood materials made to be kids furniture are all kinds of. But the most environmental one is solid wood. Thus, the solid wood kids furniture is the best choice. And, when buying kids furniture, you need to check the Environmental Testing Report. If the supplier is not willing to provide it, then you’d better not buy the kids furniture from him.

2. The design of the kids furniture needs to be smooth. Because kids are active, we should choose the smooth kids furniture, in case that kids are injured.

3. The kids furniture should not be too high. Because kids like to jump from the tables or the chairs. And the center of the gravity of kids furniture needs to be stable. Or else children might fall down from the kids furniture.

4. The kids furniture need to be ventilated. By this way, the methanol and other smell can disappear as soon as possible.

5. The color of the kids furniture should not be too bright-colored. According to the test, the more bright-colored the kids furniture is , the more lead and other heavy metal the kids furniture has. So, when buying the kids furniture, you should ask for the kids furniture paint testing report from the supplier to check the paint of the kids furniture is OK.

Hope the tips are helpful to you!