Should A Baby Wear the Underpants?

Aug 25,2018


In hot weather, parents start arguing about whether a baby should wear the underpants.

Some think he/she should not, because it would have bad influence in the growth of baby’ s private place. And the underpants are tight so that it would make a baby uncomfortable. Others think he/she should, because underpants can protect its private place from bacteria. And people should think highly of a baby’s physical privacy.

Actually, if a baby starts to abandon the paper diaper, he/she should start to wear underpants. Often from 2-3 years old. To wear underpants, there are many advantages. First, it can protect a baby’s private place from bacteria. Second, it can decrease the friction of the clothes and make a baby more comfortable. Third, it is beneficial for the baby to practice to go to the toilet. Fourth, it can help the baby to build the gender awareness.

Since the baby’s skin is very delicate, a good pair of underpants is very important. So, how should we choose a pair of good underpants? First, the material. We should choose the level A standard and the soft cotton material. Then, the level of the comfort, the breathability and the sweat absorption can be much better. Second, the size. We should choose the suitable size for the baby, neither too large nor too small. Third, the color. We should choose the light color instead of the dark colors. Because it can help us to know if the baby is ill when we find some yellow scabs or some small pieces.

Finally, if we also can wash and change the underpants for the baby, he/she will be healthy and safe!