How to choose the location of children's playground?

Apr 17,2017

Many investors are very optimistic about the investment in children's playground, because it is very popular by parents and children of all ages. but many investors feel confused how to choose a good venue when they select children's playground.


1, High frequency of business activities


This area is usually a commercial center, downtown, frequent business activities, the turnover must be higher. This kind of shop that the so-called "inch of the land." Store in the Shopping malls all belong to this type, while the national fire law has provisions :Indoor playground should be in the first floor to the third floor, is not recommended between the third floor and underground layer. A good address, it is equivalent to a person's growth environment, it plays a very important role for the late development.


2, High population density areas


the population is relatively concentrated, high population density, the parents will take children to visit the shop relatively high frequency. In this area, there are people of all ages and social classes, there will be more customers and because of the population flow is very large, it is easy to handle membership cards, so sales will not suddenly burst, it ensure that the cash flow quick return.


3, The location where people gather or having party


Near the theaters, cinemas and other places of entertainment, sometimes will attract those who do shopping to visit the playground, there are more opportunities for the transaction. At the same time to improve the park visibility .In addition, Open the shop near school and popular park is also a good choice.


4, Height and shape of the site

The height of Children's park is high as much as 2.8 m or more, it is open and comfortable. At the same time, we should make use of area within the column as much as possible, the shape of the site as regular as possible, so that the utilization rate of the site will be high.


In general, the number of actual household more than 4000 people, the price of house exceeds the local average, the place near the street or the district is the preferred place for high-end children's playground ;As the large supermarkets is close to the market, it is also the ideal place for indoor playground; if you Have enough confidence on yourself, the business district which have the number of children's playgrounds and no strong opponents, it should be a better choice.