Strategy of Investment and Management of Children Indoor Playground

Apr 10,2017

The pre-investment assessment and budget is essential for any project, it is a key to the success of the project, specifically to the indoor children's amusement park, industry experts recommend from the following four aspects of comprehensive consideration:

The first step: Choose a suitable location for your indoor playground

The choice of venue is very important. We should evaluate the traffic and business prospects of the surrounding area in advance, and we may consider choosing a large shopping center, a shopping mall, a supermarket, a large community, etc.. The size of area should also consider, if too small, may affect the future long-term operation. You should seriously assess and consider according to their own financial situation. Second, which children's play equipment will u invest is also important. U should compare and analysis clearly before investing. The cost of traditional indoor play structure is low, but the health status is poor, the interaction is not good; electric new playground, age is limited, the cost is higher, but conducive to parent-child interaction, high safety and health coefficient, open environment gives a new feeling.



 The second step: Equipment procurement and charges

For the choice of children's play equipment manufacturers. It is better to go to the factory to visit their operating conditions and scale, what’s more , their production reputation, delivery conditions, after-sales service ,quality inspection also should be taken into your consideration, u can also ask the manufacturers to provide a few of their long-term cooperation amusement park, learn from them and it is the way to confirm the credibility of the manufacturers. As for the charges of children's play equipment ,there is no uniform reference price, but according to the local level of consumption and parents of children's attitudes, investment and other specific accounting.



 The third step: Promotion

If a good children's amusement want to have a long-term sustainable management, it must have their own characteristics, they should have a keen insight to understand the needs of children, so that help the children play in the process of new things to help their mind development . In terms of promotion, organizations that are concerned with the nature of children may be considered to interact, and members of the park should be established for better service and promotion in the future. The most important thing is to highlight the individuality. There are many children's entertainment venues on the market today. If a new children's amusement park wants to attract customers, they should have new equipment and visual impact products to attract the attention of the children in a short time.



Step 4: The details determine success or failure

Personalized playground will attract the children to come here to play. To provide the parents enough room to rest, and even can equip some leisure facilities, so that parents have something to do when they waiting their children, thus it makes parents feel the playground services are more humane. For example, the operator of playground can provide paid care services, such as equipped with 1 to 2 kindergarten teachers to take care of their child if the parent need to go out for something, In peacetime, these kindergarten teachers can provide parent-child guidance to the children and parents. Of course, it is free of charge