Cowboy attend the 108th Canton Fair IN Guangzhou

Oct 15,2010

On November 4, the 108th Canton fair in guangzhou pazhou hall closing.On October 23 to 27, during the second phase of the exhibition, guangzhou cowboy toys co., LTD in area C 14.2 H32-33 five days of exhibition booth can be accomplished tasks.

During the five-day amusement equipment exhibition, through to the latest products, to better promote the company and the latest products.The participation of the main product is the latest "pleasant goat and Wolffy" series of products, mainly include slide, rocking horse, fitness equipment, etc.

During the exhibition, yao, India, Africa and other countries and regions to further improve the proportion of customers, Europe, the americas and other regions customers have declined.Volume with the intention of customer basically the same as the previous.

The masses of customers at home and abroad through this show, know more about the company's products, let customers have more choices.Through several periods before and after the contrast, more clear about the cowboy increasing determination to develop innovative products, fully realized that only by constantly develop new products, new technology research, constantly attract customer's attention, in order to provide continuous motivation for the company.