Congratulations on Cowboy industrial management change pledging the conference a complete success

Dec 01,2015

After the water park, the boy, COWBOY sports management changes, in order to further improve the modern management level, the shepherd boy industrial management change the curtain also formally began.

On December 1, 2015, the shepherd boy industrial cooperation with ober business administration management change 】 【 pledging conference was held in cowboy duty headquarters of dill and enterprise respectively.Cowboy industrial general manager Mr Miliband, consultant Zhang Zheng ms, ms Du Xiaoli deputy general manager, deputy general manager Mr Chen Aicheng equipment factory, enterprise, deputy general manager Mr Jiang Wenliang, as well as the general manager Mr Prosthodontic, ober in cowboy project leader guo Ren Nong teachers attended the meeting.

The main content of the conference is for the shepherd boy industrial joint ober corporate governance reform of management, work for all the mobilization on the thought and behavior.Meeting, yi, general manager of a speech, the statement of the necessity of managing change, hope all the cowboy tongren actively cooperate with the teacher, with the staff welcome the change, with scientific and applicable management ideas and methods, meet the challenges, work together to create a good management team.

Finally, easy always led from the team collective oath, and solemnly signed his name, this is not just a promise, but also a determination.Opportunity and risk, therefore we will continue to innovation, constantly change, constantly looking for new breakthroughs and strive in the fierce environment with more powerful strength always walk in front of the industry.We also believe that the bo teacher can help us to do better and better.

"The cowherd boy, different", the shepherd boy who is always in the most full of passion and vitality for the shepherd boy, we believe that under the joint efforts of all staff, through the management change, the shepherd boy will have a better more brilliant tomorrow!