Take you enjoy a chic play space

Sep 06,2019

With the improvement of people's requirements for the residential environment, many real estate developers began to pay attention to the decor exploration of small space, and constantly explore the connection between space design and human life. For a moment, information about the planning, design and usage of the “overhead” space, the creation of small outdoor leisure squares and other related information are overwhelming all over the internet.

Why is the tiny space so popular?There are three points:

First, the high house price, the insufficient land, a tiny space doesn’t require big construction, this makes the cost relatively low.

Second, the prevalence of the concept of “small space creates warm atmosphere”.

Third, the reasonable use of small space can meet the needs of people and enhance the quality of the real estate, and are welcomed by the owners.

The advantage of creating a small space is so obvious, so how to operate it? Let’s see how Cowboy made it

In order to make the 500 square meters outdoor area a paradise for parents and children, based on the requirement of the owners, cowboy integrates the surrounding environment and reasonably use the space, built a fun leisure playground.

Although the play area is small, there are a number of amusement equipment, this can meet the children's needs for play and exercise, and tap their potential and stimulate their imagination.

The orderly layout of each amusement equipment enhances the sense of space and makes people feel completely new.

The green worm shaped voice transfer and spring riders are scattered around the play area, allowing children to pick and play safely.

The sailboat-style wooden slide combines with deep blue floor mats creates a nautical voyage atmosphere, where children entertain the navigator and drive the sailboat without fear.

The clever setting of multiple slides provides conditions for many people to play together, and the stern slide connects to the sand pool, adding a new pleasure to the children.

The large rope climbing structure resembles a wave shape and echo the sailboat slide.

The child climbs up and down. Exercise the strength of the muscles of the limbs to promote brain growth and intellectual development.


The micro-topography consisting of underground tunnel, climbing wall, children's slider, and a sand pit is a paradise for children's liberation.

The organic combination of multiple play equipment, with a variety of ways to play are waiting for children to discover and explore.

The addition of stainless steel slides and climbing nets has given the amusement park a new vitality and a different novelty experience for children.

The creation of tiny space is the trend of future real estate development. Cowboy, as the leader of the new concept unpowered children's amusement park, will continue to innovate and create a healthier and happy play space for children.