Cowboy “Management Upgrade” Project Startup Assembly

Jul 17,2015

China's recreation equipment industry has great potential, but on the market, more and more intense competition between the enterprises or industry. To further enhance the level of modern management and effective application of advanced scientific management concepts, techniques and methods, let enterprise management more scientific and standardized,  the [Management Upgrade]  project startup assembly  cooperation by Cowboy and Prowealth Group first was held in Cowboy Waterpark& Attractions Co.,Ltd.

Continous innovation, continue to change and look for new breakthrough point, so that we can remain invincible in the amusement equipment industry. We also believe that the Prowealth Group teacher can help us to do better .

The general manager led the team took an oath, lead to sign the Signature Edition, which is not only a promise, is a determination. We hand in hand, heart to heart, in Cowboy,  everyone has a struggling young heart, sweat in their posts, the most full of passion and vitality as the pay, which is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and the management of the determination.

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