Cowboy Attend The Small Amusement Facilities Voluntary Certification Seminar

Jul 10,2015

In July 9th, the amusement facilities voluntary certification seminar organized by the China Association of toys and baby products held in Jingxi Hotel in Beijing From the relevant authorities in charge of the leadership of the government, certification bodies, inspection agencies and experts of small recreational facilities manufacturing enterprises responsible person to attend the meeting Guangdong cowboy Industrial Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Cowboy") general manager Yi Aide also participated in the meeting.

The meeting in order to solve the quality problems of our current small recreation facilities and products standard system is not perfect and the existence, around the importance of launching small recreation facilities voluntary certification implementation plan and urgency, the heads of industry associations and related enterprises combined with the actual fierce discussion The specific content of the meeting included the voluntary certification scheme, scope, organization structure, promotion plan, and the establishment of small recreational facilities in the national compulsory product certification directory.

The representative Mr. Yi on the seminar affirmed, he said small recreation facilities industry rapid development has brought pleasure and convenience to the people, but also because not included in the regulatory oversight jurisdiction and there are more risks. And put forward three expectations: first, to improve the standard system of small recreational facilities; two, to actively respond to insist on doing high quality, high value products; three, to increase publicity efforts.