The 2015 annual passion summer tour

Jun 08,2015

Summer, a colorful season. Bid farewell to the gentle spring breeze, ushered in the warm June.

In this colorful June, do you want to go out with the bright sunshine, cool water to a close encounter? In order to enrich the cultural life of the staff, thank you for their hard work and effort, but also enhance the company's employees' enthusiasm and cohesion. On June 6 to 7, 2015, the staff prepared for a relax and happy tourism activities once a year. In order to create a positive, united progressive, healthy and civilized company culture, improving the company's sense of belonging and identity, and further promote the company's corporate culture, deepen the cultural connotation of the enterprise.

The tourism activities, unlike in previous years, in a relaxed, free, happy as the starting point, the company decided to let the department choose the tourist spots, which give each employee to maximize the satisfaction, reflect Cowboy caring staff, people-oriented principle.

Department of province choose the Panyu Sihai buffet and spa, and the purchasing department, bid department, furniture factory, naughty Fort factory, foreign trade department who look forward to the beach and sea, were respectively selected Zhuhai Ling Ding Island, Huizhou Xunliao Bay, Shenzhen Xichong and Eastern overseas Chinese town and Xiamen Gulang island. No matter in the wonderful nature, or together in a corner of the downtown of the city, to meet all the staff work enjoyable mood, but also promote the mutual communication and exchange between employees.

Put down the work, pregnant with a relaxed mood and vision of blue sky, the sea, the food set foot on the journey, smiling, reluctantly homing, two days and one night wonderful excursions, let all the shepherd who reap a lot. Too many beautiful scenery, the hearts of the memory is also deep, in the usual busy work to take out to taste, share with family and colleagues, it is a good way to release the pressure.