The fourteenth session of the Guangdong education equipment exhibition

Mar 28,2015

From March 25, 2015 to March 27th, the fourteenth session of the Guangdong education equipment exhibition grand opening at the Guangzhou Stadium This exhibition has been strongly supported by the relevant departments of education, in order to expand domestic and international sales. The exhibition to showcase new products, new technology and promote new ideas as the main content, and invited industry experts, academics and consultants to ensure the high level of the exhibition, large-scale, professional and strong.

In order to coordinate with the education equipment renewal, the government procurement work further promotes the school and the manufacturer to exchange and the cooperation, enhances the level of technical equipment level of the teaching organization, hereby holds "the fourteenth Guangdong education equipment exhibition". Over the same period and hold the relevant technical forums speech, trade fair and other activities, to create the highest level of educational equipment industry event

This exhibition Cowboy was in orange color, which full of strength, wisdom, sunshine, vitality, vigor. The exhibition is divided children equipment area and children's playground area of two regions. Fully shows the Professional, overall strength of Cowboy Children's supporting equipment, while showcasing Cowboy in kindergarten equipment innovation and modern technology to bring children's safety and health happiness. Attract many guests stopped to visit experience, buyers have felt very satisfied and has many buyers to complete the negotiations project, sign the bill.

The shepherd boy never just do products, more is to create value for customers. Recreation space, sunshine life, who is your best choice.