To celebrate Cowboy make successful in 2015 annual meeting

Feb 07,2015

On 7 February 2015. Cowboy  Industrial Co., Ltd. of Guangdong "beyond the dream and create greater glories" subject of large annual meeting was held in Guangzhou Luogang headquarters. General manager of the company Mr.Yi carrying all members of the family, the shepherd boy and loyal customers, suppliers, more than 600 people gathered, and a total of Xiang ceremony.

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner, general manager make a speech to guests and the Cowboy family who always accompany, he general first affirmed the achievements of the company for the year 2014, also pointed out that in 2015, the company will enhance the talent training efforts, from the outside into professional talents to promote the reform of internal, to speed up the pace of the company, 2015 will be a year of rapid development of the performance of the company.

Subsequently, the party with the song "brave heart" officially kicked off, then the dance passionate, humorous sketches, for all the guests serve a visual feast.

The annual meeting in a piece of laughter flagged down the curtain, Cowboy family parting, hearts full of fighting spirit and look forward to, believe tomorrow will be for us and more exciting!