Cowboy attend the Preschool Education Exhibition in 2015

Dec 21,2015

On August 15, 2015 Chinese preschool education supplies exposition held in nanjing international expo center.Boy carrying preschool furniture of form a complete set such as four series products, won the praise of many, to further promote the cowboy brand promotion and market development.

The organizer of the exhibition of Chinese education equipment industry association and the education department of jiangsu province, invited all over the country and education equipment, head of the department of the administrative department for education, around the procurement department of the government, domestic and foreign famous experts and scholars, outstanding the kindergarten, outstanding teachers, high quality, head of the preschool education institutions and related products manufacturing enterprises, agents, dealers, buyers and other relevant personnel to participate in international trade, held the Chinese preschool education summit, wonderful lecture audience benefit a lot from it.

Exhibit on the meeting, the shepherd boy in the form of experience pavilion fully shows the kindergarten furniture, teaching AIDS in terms of products and services, such as play received numerous director, the attention of teachers, then the exhibition to the newcomers on behalf of the positive introduces relevant product introduction, and with healthy environmental protection, characteristic of different window caught the eye of this visitor, to show visitors the boy successfully meticulous, side of the truth.