COWBOY GROUP: Kindergarten Whole Garden Custom Brand 'leader'

Nov 08,2019

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Cowboy Group Qingyuan Headquarters covers an area of 59,650 m2 and a building area of 71,460 square meters. The production workshop adopts German imported equipment, has global advanced production technology, and is equipped with a production base and a research and development center.

At present, COWBOY Industry has developed into a well-known enterprise with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, four major factories, a large marketing center, a research and development design center, and a large exhibition hall, and is located in Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hainan, Shanghai, Yunnan, Guizhou. Sichuan, Fujian, Hubei, Henan and other places have opened a number of branches, mainly for the high-end kindergarten professional to provide special furniture, theme function room, outdoor And services.

Schedule and Design

COWBOY has been committed to R&D and innovation in product planning and design. As a “leader” of the custom brand of kindergartens, she has independently established and created an innovative service platform for the industry and cooperates with famous Chinese research institutes to provide new garden planning and renovation of old gardens. Planning services for kindergartens of other nature.

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The following different types of themed products can be customized according to the space of the venue: Honeycomb Theme, Rubik's Cube Theme, Connected Platform Theme, Rotating Platform Theme, Pine Tower Theme, Gyro Theme, Split Layer Crawl Theme, Theme Street, Character Cabin, Function Expansion, Play water products, theme slides, play sand theme, micro terrain theme, component theme, etc.

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Theme feature product customization

The COWBOY boy can customize different themes according to the local culture and the kindergarten VI systems, such as the theme of the pony equinox, the theme of the peaceful night, the endless volcano theme of the customs tribe, etc.; it has a wide range of special products, such as the wood park to provide the forest city. The series, the fairy tale series, the animal kingdom series, the ocean beach series, and the science and culture series have five series of themes, creating a unique environment of 'one step, one scene, and one story'.

Indoor furniture

The theme of the kindergarten indoor environment (including a function room, overhead floor, atrium, hall facade, etc.) can be customized, and different functional rooms such as the science room, art room, reading room, and the sound room can be planned and designed for preschool education. 

Focus on the education of early childhood with a heart that loves the education of young children. COWBOY boy insists on providing special furniture, theme function room, outdoor customization, and other services for different gardens from the perspective of children, combined with the characteristics of the park and local culture.

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