COWBOY GROUP interpretation what does the funniest kids paradise looks like

Nov 11,2019

COWBOY GROUP interpretation what does the funniest kids paradise looks like

As the saying goes, the gorgeous exterior profiles are invariably monotonic whereas the amazing soul is truly one in a million. And the same applies to the creation of a children's playground project, because the play part is the best of the playground. The fun-filled paradise not only requires a wide variety of amusement facilities, but also meets the psychological and physiological development needs of children of different ages, emphasizes safety, Win the trust of parents.

There was no doubt that safety is the most important, it is undeniable, it is indeed a key indicator to measure the quality of a children's paradise. It is the priority. It is digital 1. Without this 1, the design behind is no matter how novel or styling, Unique, how wonderful to experience, how novelty and fun are 0, no meaning.

After the safety is up to standard, a fun paradise is built with innovative design and pleasant experience. Modern people are emphasizing personality and innovative. No one wants to repeat the obsolete model. It is the same for the construction of children's paradise. Only when it comes to innovation and creativity, then will it would be more favored by children and parents. I would like to introduce you to a magical paradise that is highly praised by children and parents.

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adventure play equipment.jpg

It is built by the COWBOY GROUP. It is called Shandong Jinxiang Xingkong Xiyuan Children's Paradise. It has a curved site design, colorful ground, and a variety of unpowered rides, including cloud jumping, adventure crossing, and sand island squad, Jungle fantasy, fairy tale kingdom and other entertainment theme, everywhere to highlight unique and extraordinary creativity, is the place where children dream of sailing, but also to help them grow up healthy and happy fairy tale kingdom.

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Cloud jump

The soft white "jumping cloud" has a strange shape and a wide area which attracts a large number of parents and children interactive. It can almost touch the delicate touch of the skin and will make people feel like flying in the clouds.

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Adventure crossing

Special adventures, from Big Horn Park, High Tower Paradise, high-altitude drilling nets, connected platforms, to container parks, are interlocking, full of challenges and excitement, while exercising all aspects of children’s physical fitness, They learn to tide over difficulties and never give up.

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Sand island squad

This is a wonderful journey. The child can free sliding or drill out from the stainless steel drill hole. The pure childlike fun and laughter are released here. In addition to enjoying the fun of being alone, the child can also invite Parents come together to pile up sand, parents and friends get along with each other, and all kinds of ancient ideas and ideas are shaped by sand, which is a witness to the harmonious time between parents and children.

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Jungle fantasy

Colorful piles, funny rocking horses, cute fairy dwarfs, novelty mushrooms, and cute miniature elephants all inspire children's infinite fantasies and guide them to explore. Here, they are all the visionary, using smart ideas to piece together a romantic childhood.

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