COWBOY GROUP, Your Imaginary Parent-child Theme Park

Nov 13,2019

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the cultivation of parent-child relationships. Most parents will take their children to some interest parent-child theme parks to play when the holidays are coming. Asked about the park design, parents are unanimous hope to visit in the parent-child park which has stories background. That is, the child can learn some historical and cultural knowledge while enjoying the park, and enjoy it. That is, the child can learn some historical and cultural knowledge while enjoying the park, and enjoy it.

Parents are increasingly demanding, and any perfunctory design is difficult to get their approval. Now, the parent-child theme park must have a cultural heritage, a novelty, a beautiful environment, and a variety of ways to play.

In order to give parents and children a better parent-child experience, the COWBOY GROUP has created the Country Garden Fengyue-Qiu Changguli parent-child park in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. Listening to the name is full of charm, making people fantasy. Come and see it!


Custom culture spirituality

Far away from the noisy city back to the tranquil countryside. The break green brick and tile building highlights the Hakka culture of the eastern Guangdong region. In order to inherit and develop the Songqiaolou culture and the unique folk culture in the valley during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. The COWBOY GROUP subverts the previous design style. We created a special fun theme park that blends local culture with heaven and earth, water and trees.



Combination of ancient and modern, Unforgettable

Taking Hakka culture as the core, we will make full use of traditional elements to create a characteristic wooden house paradise. Let the children experience the strong Hakka culture in the playing. with the full of creativity modern characteristic slides, providing multiple choices for children to play and feel the charm of the blending of ancient and modern culture.


Interesting and intimate interaction

Maze crawling net, fun balance beam, these facilities are fascinating to children, maze crawling net, fun balance beam, these facilities are fascinating to children, they can play games across obstacles, experience the fun of the competition, or invite their parents to a family matchup. Enhance communication between different families and spend a good time with your parents.



Return naivety

The sand table attracts children’s exploration so that they can’t wait to integrate into the sand battle, using sand to build castles and gardens. The gathering of sand reveals the pure dream of the child. The embellishment of the small wooden stakes, the wild fun is full, the children jumped, show a real and interesting childhood.


Wood elements, naturally friendly

The wood elements of the park can be seen everywhere, and the use of wooden materials is more in line with the local cultural heritage. The material structure of the logs is more original and natural. Let the children fully integrate into nature during play, parents can also experience the fun of the pastoral, more in line with the friendly parent-child theme park. The park has a beautiful environment and the landscapes are interesting. The rides integrate local culture and the parent-child interaction is more natural and harmonious.


This is the custom design of the COWBOY GROUP.

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