What aspects are worth paying attention to when choosing a kindergarten?

Nov 15,2019

Kindergarten is the garden for the growth of young children. It is the beginning part of children leaving the family independently. It's for educating children through fun play, they are in contact with other children in the big family of kindergarten and gradually know themselves in society. Therefore, with the rapid development of the early childhood education industry, modern people's attention to the design of kindergarten decoration is self-evident.

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It is widely known that kindergarten decoration design should suitable for children's physiology, The objective law of the psychological development and the age characteristics. Therefore, from the overall layout to the details should be in line with the child growth psychology, kindergarten land includes three parts of children's daily life, service land, and supply land. And outdoor play yards, paddling pools, sand, animal houses, green land, sundries.

So how to design a suitable kindergarten for children to learn and play from the overall layout?

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In fact, the kindergarten decoration design is not a simple superposition of space. It is basic on the basis of fully understanding and respecting the unique personality of the kindergarten, to build a space for children's growth that fits the characteristics of kindergartens, a place for children's teaching, daily life, games and entertainment, a place where children's physical and mental development is synchronized.


The activities of young children in specific buildings can form a series of mechanisms that are compatible with the building and can find their own way in complex spaces, this stems from the great development of children in terms of feeling and perception. They have been able to recognize the external environment and form concepts and attitudes towards architecture.


Therefore, as an artificial environment, kindergarten buildings can produce a benign stimulating impression on children's senses, and have positive significance for the development of children's perception.


Norwegian architectural history and theorist Norberg Schulz believed that 'Tarchitecture is first and foremost a spiritual shelter, followed by a shelter for the body.'

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According to the important role of the environment for young children, the design concept of the COWBOY GROUP is to naturally guide the children to learn and explore, and to let their body and mind be nourished in love and beautiful space, according to the characteristics of the kindergarten, the psychological needs of the children and the goals of early childhood education. This healthy and comfortable environment with rich functions and distinctive features is in keeping with the growth of children's minds and bodies.

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Located in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, Boai Bain Kindergarten is a modern kindergarten with a large scale, elegant environment, and complete configuration. The outdoor activity area is the "heart" of the kindergarten.

In order to provide children with enough outdoor play space, the COWBOY GROUP has customized special products such as large-scale internet platform slides, brave paradise and caterpillar drill holes, as well as music pieces and sand water area.

It not only enables young children to carry out their activities independently according to their own interests, hobbies, specialties, and abilities, but also to experience the pleasure of ‘exploration and play’, and to improve the interaction between young children and develop a social and healthy personality.

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The environment of the kindergarten determines the creation of the activity atmosphere.When designing the kindergarten environment architecture, the design team of the COWBOY GROUP should fully consider the pursuit of the child, and take the child as the core to reflect the child's perceptual thinking and rational thinking.

Providing children with a foundation for a good environment, only in this way can we achieve a win-win result and better meet the trend of modern kindergarten construction.

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Over the years, COWBOY GROUP has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “Quality is the root, honesty as the foundation, and faith as the living”, focusing on the control of product quality.


The company's products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, EU CE certification, Germany national GS standard certification, China National Compulsory Product Certification (CCC) and many other well-known domestic and foreign certification It is an important member of the China Toys and Baby Products Association, China Amusement Park and Amusement Park Association.


Company's products have been successfully exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, and are highly trusted and praised by customers.