What effect does the kindergarten environment have on the physical and mental development of young c

Nov 16,2019

'playing' is an eternal theme in children's minds when they are three to six years old. Most parents think that kids need to learn cultural knowledge every day from kindergarten, more time on school study, and children should not be allowed to behind others at the starting line. If the child play always wants to play, it will inevitably affect his studies. You know, the studies are linked to course credits. Gradually, these children who love to play be recognized bad children, and the only criterion for judging that they are bad children is that they spend too much time playing, which may affect learning. Therefore, the 'teachers' of kindergarten campuses are placed in the minds of people's choice of kindergartens, often overlooking the importance of the intangible teacher of the campus 'environment'.

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Reggio's educational theory is that there are have two teachers in each class in the school. The environment is the third "invisible" teacher. The environment can provide learners with content and methods for learning, and even lead the learners' values and outlook on life.

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Many people do not pay much attention to the kindergarten environment when they choose kindergarten for children. At present, the environmental design of kindergartens in China has not attracted enough attention from all walks of life. A large part of city kindergartens are not had standardized and do not meet the characteristics of young children’s growth.

The use of environmental space is not sufficient, and the environmental design arrangement only focuses on the simple arrangement of indoors and walls.

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The most prominent features of the kindergarten environment are Childification, education, and gamification. So, Kindergartners design must be close to the child's psychology and should be designed according to their needs. Kids will attracted by some interest in some novelty and wild game space. Extracurricular activities are a particularly important part of the kindergarten's one-day process. Good activities and arrangements can make children enjoy healthy and happy while enjoying sports. growing up.

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To combine education with entertainment.

Designed by COWBOY GROUP, Huanggang Kindergarten is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou. It is a high-end, high-quality kindergarten built according to provincial standards. It is characterized by Cambridge International English and Maker. The environment is beautiful and has the largest in Guangzhou. The outdoor activities venue and large rides allow children to have fun on the playground.

While bringing health and happiness to children, it also cultivates children's spirit of teamwork and humility, strengthens their communication, and continuously cultivates good behavior habits for children. 

COWBOY GROUP's idea is Kindergarten is designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for children's happiness and healthy growth.

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The outdoor space exists in an infinitely extended manner, and several interconnected but relatively independent spaces are formed through the overall layout so that the closed, semi-closed and open event venues are organically combined. Form an orderly transition in space, and subtly cultivate the mentality of children in harmony with nature. Outdoor recreation facilities for young children are available both indoors and outdoors. It is good to stimulate children's curiosity and imagination, children can gain knowledge in play and exploration, experience and learn in ecological nature, and fully satisfy their enjoyment of outdoor games under the premise of ensuring safety.

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Through the design of the kindergarten environment, the COWBOY GROUP can let the children have a happy childhood experience in the multi-dimensional space, and learn and grow in the amusement. Kindergarten is an important place for children to live, study and grow. The kindergarten environment has a great impact on early childhood education and growth. In long-term life and study In an open environment, children's personalities, physical fitness, and other skills can be greatly improved.

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In a nutshell, kindergarten is an important area for developing children's intelligence. The design of the COWBOY GROUP conforms to the concept of “people-oriented” and builds a good artistic atmosphere for the children so that they can become intelligent talents under the guidance of the environment and the guidance of teachers. COWBOY GROUP have industry design experts, children behavior psychology consultants, adhere to the market-oriented, to meet customer needs as their responsibility, provide creative planning, site design, product customization one-stop service.


COWBOY GROUP not only makes products but also creates value for customers! Environmental education, the COWBOY GROUP is committed to combining education with entertainmentCOWBOY