COWBOY GROUP: Cherry Blossoms Theme Park, do you like it?

Nov 18,2019

The cherry blossom is "5 cm per second" fell, and the pieces were pink, and they dance in the air. Underneath is a fun play facility where children climb, climb, drill, and slide, and laughter and laughter. Parents watched their children play, and the parents extol their small fellow, it formed a beautiful cherry blossom scroll that was 'harmonious and interesting.'

The most creative part is the integration with the environment. It is a question that how to make use of the surrounding environment and culture to create a local and novel theme park. It is the designer need to consider. Usually, we judge whether is a theme park attraction or not,

it depends on the blending and fitting degree of it and the environment. It is perfectly integrated, comfortable and natural. Or sturdy not smooth and deliberately made. These will affect the popularity of the park and the frequency with which the parents love to attend.

So, what kind of theme park will be more favored and liked by parents and children? Don't worry, lean your ears and the COWBOY GROUP will tell you the answer slowly.

Located in the "Long Xiaohu Forest Adventures" theme park in Wuhan dragon gorge Guanggu City, was customized and built by COWBOY GROUP. The environment is beautiful, magical by the cherry blossom fairy, and the fragrance of the cherry blossoms is everywhere. The unpowered rides are rich and exciting, inspiring children's creativity and potential. leisurely, family and fun at here are a dream park where parents and children communicate and interact.

playground outdoor.jpg

Onion Castle, novel and fantastic

The unique onion castle, as the main building of the park, is a colorful weaving technique that highlights the innocence and makes the children's parents fall in love instantly. The bottom of the castle is paved with stairs to facilitate the children to pick up the stairs. The top is connected with a translucent stainless steel slide to meet the needs of children's play and adventure.

custom playground equipment.jpg

Silver Sand Kingdom, let go of dreams

A delicate soft white sand is spread over the sand pool.

Attracting children to touch and play, let the child returns to innocence, the imagination is fully stimulated,

Ordinary sand changes in the hands of children, transforming into gorgeous castles, shining gardens, cute animals...

bespoke playground equipment.jpg

Cartoon paradise, friendly and interesting

The creation of cartoon characters on the wall protects the child's innocence, let the children feel more intimate. On the ground, have design realistic sculptures, mushrooms, snails, etc. It can help children to better understand things, plus the fun of rocking facilities, let the children linger and deep impression.

amusement park equipment.jpg

Novelty facilities, unlimited fun

Two-way megaphone, let the children enjoy the charm of the sound, they convey information and friendship in a question and answer session. Colorful climbing ropes, this is the magic weapon for children to go to the castle. Exercise the child's strength and courage so that they learn to stick to it in their adventures.

children's foam play equipment.jpg

Environmentally friendly runway, happy sailing

The runway of environmentally friendly material EPDM cloth pad has added a layer of a more intimate guard to the children to run and the game chase.The color of the mat, the pattern and the overall style of the park are harmonious, fresh and natural, giving the children a beautiful enjoyment while enhancing their aesthetic ability.

children's plastic outdoor play equipment.jpg

If you have relevant needs, please contact us, COWBOY GROUP will spare no effort to provide you with more satisfactory services.