COWBOY GROUP: How important is the children's playground for the children's growth?

Nov 19,2019

Perhaps in your eyes, the playground is only 'playing', is that really true?

Do you know that the plays an important role in the children's interest in learning and the development of research capabilities?

Doubt? The COWBOY GROUP will shows you an authoritative theoretical analysis.

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Sumlinski had proposed, he is a famous educational practitioner and educational theorist of the former Soviet Union. There is a deep-rooted voice in people's hearts - they always feel that they are discoverers, researchers, and seekers. This demand is particularly strong in children's spiritual world.

This demand will gradually disappear, and interest in knowledge will be extinguished if you don’t provide nutrients to this demand. Actually, they do not touch the facts and phenomena, and lack the pleasure of knowing.

Where to go to find a place that can stimulate children to discover, seek knowledge, research, and explore their interests? The answer is Children's playground.

Children’s playground is now blooming everywhere, but there are very few equipment manufacturers can provided who can truly meet the needs of children of all ages. Most of the children's parks on the market are boring and not fun, or the area is too small to pay attention to the design and creation of the environment.

Today, we introduce the 'Zijinshan Children's Joy Park' project in Longyan, Fujian Province, which was built by COWBOY GROUP, and see how the COWBOY GROUP redefines the 'Children's Paradise'.

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No-power park also can 'move'

The non-powered play constructed by the ‘climbing and drilling’ equipment is a paradise created by the “sound and light power water” power. It seems that there is always a lack of agility. But in fact, unpowered rides pay more attention to subjective experience.‘Activity’ is mostly lead by people, emphasizing integration and participation. The park that the COWBOY GROUT participated in this time covers an area of 10 hectares and has a wide range of activities. The rides are wonderful and rich, Cloud jumping,low altitude slippery rope, Slope climbing slide, Sand castle, Puzzle Parent-child Park, Happy water world... Such a wide range of fun and unpowered rides will make you excited.

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Interactive play, entertainment upgrade

The interactive play area is closely integrated with the surrounding environment. The artificial sand area is a paradise for children's fun, use their imagination to build a dream paradise, and join various crawling nets, climbing ropes. It does not only enhance the interaction and collaboration between children but also trains their bodies to let them learn and live in a better state.

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Multi-model slide, More fun

The strange shape of the slide attracts children to play and explore. The children enter from the drill net, reach the starting point of the slide, and then slowly descend from the top to the bottom, full of ritual and joy. Slides of different materials such as plastic and stainless steel also bring a different experience to children.

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Water world, diverse gameplay

A water world suitable for children of all ages to play and swim. The multi-color ocean ball floats on it and the color is gratifying. Adding unlimited children's tastes, liked by friends of all sizes. A variety of animal-shaped play pieces and rainbow circles, the entire paradise is full of colorful and playful, just waiting for the children to explore.


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Water conservancy series, expand knowledge

The water conservancy series carefully constructed by the COWBOY GROUP is suitable for the nature of children's love of playing with water. Entertaining in study , let children learn some practical physics knowledge while training, and cultivate children’s habit of observing and thinking. Parents can also participate and explore the mysteries of science with their children.


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