COWBOY GROUP: Impact of environmental design on young children in the overall planning of kindergart

Nov 27,2019

Generally, children will go to kindergarten when they reach the age to receive early education. However, many parents believe that children's life in kindergarten does not have any substantial effect, just because they are busy on work, they do not have enough time and energy to take care their children. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong. Children in the kindergarten are not only as simple as learning knowledge. The kindergarten has created an environment suitable for children's lives, but also promotes children's learning and understanding of some things and things. Therefore, the natural environmental factors in the overall planning and design of the kindergarten have played a very important role in the physical and mental development of young children. In the planning and design of the kindergarten environment, COWBOY GROUP always adheres to the use of multiple elements to create suitable activities and learning environments for children.

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Robert Soma, a famous psychologist, once said, ‘A person leaves his environment then no behavior.’

The impact of the environment is huge on people, and sometimes it plays a decisive role, It directly affects the development of human character and behavior habits. Kindergarten is the first place where children come into contact with social scenes. Children will know the first teacher and make new friends. A person's vision is the height of a person's growth, Because it depends on where people ’s eyes are parked, but I have to say that the environment has a great impact on people. Your knowledge will also affect your understanding. The meaning of the kindergarten environment for children is far more profound than we know.

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Therefore, the kindergarten environment plays an important role in the lives of young children. In the kindergarten environment design, we must also follow the principle of diversity. Children are faced with environmental influences in their character development or potential development on the way to growth. It is critical to creating a diverse environment for children. In the development process of the kindergarten, the design concepts of each area are increasingly perfected, and the construction of each functional zone can allow children to experience a different environment and allow children to develop and improve in all directions.It is especially important to design the kindergarten's environment. A concise, warm and comfortable environment can enhance the aesthetics and taste of young children, and also help to activate the way of thinking of children.

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Dolphin Bay International Kindergarten is located in Tonghua, Jilin Province. It is a modern and international kindergarten. The outdoor environment of the kindergarten skillfully combines the two functions of physical training and climbing amusement. It is a paradise for children to explore, share and grow happily. The interior area is divided into different types of function rooms, which can meet the development needs of children of different ages.

The COWBOY GROUP uses the stone, sand, wood, net and other natural materials to build a diversified outdoor play area in the kindergarten. This outdoor play area is developed along the outer wall of the kindergarten, and the existing space is reasonably used to create a distinctive hive park that can simultaneously meet the different amusement needs of children.

The artificial sand pool space has a strange appeal to children. These devices allow children to increase their imagination and collaboration capabilities while playing; Climbing equipment and roller slides allow children to have fun in different sports and exercise their physical coordination and social skills.

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Kindergarten is an important area for the development of children's intelligence. The design of the shepherd boy conforms to the 'people-oriented' concept and builds an excellent artistic atmosphere for children. Under the influence of the environment and the guidance of teachers, they become intelligent talents. Guangdong Cowboy Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, focusing on the development and production of kindergarten facilities and equipment and the system development of kindergarten environments.


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