COWBOY GROUP, start the wonderful Elf Jungle Theme Park Tour

Nov 23,2019

Children always have some weird ideas in life.

For example, they will ask you: Is there a fairy in the world? Where do the elves live?

In the face of these questions, parents are often at a loss, parents not afraid to reduce the curiosity and innocence of the child but afraid that the explanation is not clear, afraid the child can't understand.


But if this happens, as a parent, How to solve is more sensible?

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First of all, we must be clear that the world differently in children's and adults' eyes. Children, pure spirit drives them to explore the unknown. 

Secondly, the child has doubts and asks you, it is a kind of trust of you. Parents must not treat them casually, answering them in a perfunctory manner.In doing so, it not only lost the children’s trust and their expectations and confidence in the future.

Finally, in order to cultivate the spirit of children’s true exploration, to enhance their independence, parents should try their best to create conditions and encourage children to find out their own answers.

Maybe you will worry about such an abstract question, how to create conditions for children to explore? Let's share with you the Shimao Elf City Theme Park build and design by COWBOY GROUP in Shanghai Yushan. This theme park is a collection of creative ideas from the COWBOY GROUP’s designers. Except for allowing children to experience the fun of exploration, they can also draw closer to the parent-child relation. Let parents and children spend a wonderful time together.

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Elf Tree House

The Elf Tree House, which is 15 meters high, is the commanding height of the entire theme a sense of grandeur and mystery, attracting brave children to find ‘elf’.Step by step along with the bottom steps, walk into the Elf House and have a romantic date with the ‘Elves’.As a gift to reward children for their brave exploration, they can slide down the rotating slides connecting the treehouse and feel the joy of 'traveling through space'.

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Adventure kingdom

Carefully set up a giant crawling facility that combines safety and design.It can accommodate multiple children at the same time for crawling competitions. The colorful climbing ropes hanging under the nets are similar to the shape of flying saucers. It also stimulates the interest of children to explore, and the flower umbrella rest area that integrates with the environment, so that parents and children can rest comfortably.

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Bugs world

In order to let the children enter the world of interesting insects, the designers of the COWBOY GROUP racked their brains. They gave the park's slides, drill holes, and various educational toys a ‘wear’ insect coat.

Let the children learn a lot of insect-related knowledge while climbing and drilling.The educational and entertaining are fully reflected here.

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Secret garden

The fascinating flowers bloom here, the unique combination of exotic flower shapes and amusement climbing facilities. Bring unexpected surprises to children, they climb up and down, explore around, enjoy the fun of independent discovery and growth, the integration of stainless steel slides, providing an alternative for children to play.

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Desert archaeology

The vast sand pool, where the children’s ideas are gathered, they use the sand to pile up the inner world. They release the pressure by playing sand and enhance their hands-on ability. What's more interesting is that they can play "hidden treasure" games with their partners and test their tacit understanding.

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Fantasy waters

The fresh blue seafloor is the same color as the sky, and the children enjoy swimming in it, imagining that they are a free fish.In the sea, they come across the striped fish family, excavating the secrets of oddly shaped rocks, and the dreamy water world made them linger.

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COWBOY GROUP is the leading company in China's unpowered amusement equipment.

Create a fantasy paradise and an experiential outdoor creative children’s playground with children’s vision.