COWBOY Group takes safety as the core to create a new concept unpowered children's amusement park

Dec 11,2019

COWBOY Group Takes Safety As The Core To Create A New Concept Unpowered Children's Amusement Park

With the rapid development of the children's amusement industry, the safety of children's amusement facilities has also become the focus of everyone's attention.

As the leader of China's unpowered amusement facilities, the COWBOY Group insists on creating a new concept of unpowered children's amusement parks, while paying more attention to the safety and quality of facilities in the park to ensure that children have fun and parents can rest assured.

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COWBOY Group was founded in 2003. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It specializes in the production of indoor and outdoor combination toys, naughty castles, physical training, and children's development equipment. Manufacturers and suppliers.

Since the establishment of the company, COWBOY Group has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “Quality as the root, Honesty as the basis, and Trust for a living”. In terms of safety and quality, COWBOY Group insists on strict control in all aspects, from production, technology, Manufacturing, testing, installation, and after-sales services all put safety first.

Products meet domestic safety standards

The COWBOY Group insists on using the industry's main norms and standards to request itself. The amusement equipment products used in children's amusement spaces comply with GB8408-2008 "Safety Specifications for Amusement Facilities", GB / T 20051-2006 "Technical Conditions for Unpowered Amusement Facilities" and GB6675 -2003 National Technical Specification for Toy Safety.


The COWBOY Group also has a national special equipment manufacturing, installation, transformation, and maintenance license. Its production technology and product quality of large-scale amusement facilities are in compliance with national standards. This also makes her products safer and can create a more assured play environment for children.

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In the selection of product materials, COWBOY Group takes the world amusement industry standard as a benchmark and has formed a professional production, installation and after-sales service team, which will conduct timely inspection and feedback and regular maintenance before product production and after installation to protect children Safe to use.

Overall design prioritizes safety principles

In the overall planning and design of the children's play space, the COWBOY Group adheres to the principle of 'safety'.

According to the age and physiological characteristics of the users of the amusement space, the shepherd boy included the potential safety hazards that may appear in the entire amusement area into the scope of design considerations. Children advocate freedom and freedom. They may fall, stumble or scratch during running, climbing and jumping. To this end, the shepherd boy pays special attention to the process of selecting materials and will be under and around the facility Install protective devices and check and maintain regularly to prevent children from being injured by accident.

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In the area division of play space, COWBOY will use the spatial distribution to form different types of play areas to meet the different needs of children of different ages. At the same time, shepherds also take into account the needs of adults in order to allow parents to accompany their children and use amusement equipment together.

Safety considerations in installation and construction

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As one of the pioneers of China's unpowered amusement equipment industry, COWBOY Group pays attention to the safety of all manufactured amusement equipment in detail. The COWBOY Group has four major factories equipped with professional production teams. The strength of the plant area has passed the national IOS9001 quality management system certification and IOS14001 environmental management system certification. No matter in the choice of materials or production technology, COWBOY adheres to the "quality as the root, "Integrity-based, trust-based" business philosophy, pay attention to product quality control, and strictly implement various industry safety standards!

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After the completion of production, COWBOY Group will test the product and give feedback on its safety performance to ensure that the product can be put into use safely.

After-sales service for security purposes

The COWBOY Group provides insurance protection to customers, and the products produced are underwritten by large insurance companies. For the equipment in use, COWBOY GROUP has a comprehensive maintenance inspection mechanism. According to different equipment and components, a warranty period of corresponding years is provided to ensure that the equipment runs safely without damage.

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Cowboy group will also explain in detail the use methods and precautions of the amusement facilities, and make risk estimates for the use of the facilities to ensure the safety of the equipment to the greatest extent and avoid problems during use.

From overall planning to product customization, Shepherd Group always adheres to safety development as the priority, market-oriented, and meets customer needs as its responsibility. It combines design and safety skillfully, giving children a safe and educational growth space. Provide one-stop service for creative planning, site design, and product customization.

COWBOY Group, China's leader in unpowered amusement facilities! The total solution service provider of children's playground around you.