COWBOY Group, customize your own unpowered theme parent-child park

Dec 17,2019

COWBOY Group, Customize Your Own Unpowered Theme Parent-Child Park

What is the theme park design most afraid of? The most fear is that there is no new idea. Repeating the old-fashioned theme park design with too many "changing soups and not changing medicines" on the market is really dazzling. Then how can we discern that the design of a theme park is truly ingenious and creative? It is gorgeous on the surface, but there is no great innovation and connotation. Don't be afraid, the Shepherd Group will help you.

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Here are three points to help you understand the actual design of the theme park through its gorgeous outlook.

First, to judge the novelty of a theme park design, that is, whether it is a custom design, depends on the degree of fit with the local humanities, ecology, and geographical environment.

Like the unpowered fantasy treehouse theme parent-child park created by Qigong Zhou Cultural Scenic Area in Shaanxi, the COWBOY Group fully integrates the local "Fengming Qishan" mythical allusions and "Ritual World" Zhouli characteristic culture, bringing the local characteristic culture It is perfectly integrated with the theme park design and composes a wonderful fairy music that is harmoniously blended with cultural heritage and modern amusement.

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Second, it depends on whether the supporting amusement equipment in the theme park is carefully constructed and designed in accordance with the theme of the park. It rich in variety, can meet the needs of people of different ages, and has a clear division and reasonable layout.

For example, the water platform area and water park area built by Qishan White Bird Park in COWBOY Group are very clear. The water platform area is mainly composed of Archimedes water extractors and water pressure devices. Water spray sketches such as dry spray squares and flower spray pipes are distributed. The two subregions have their own characteristics, but the same is that they pay great attention to the fun and interactive experience of the players.

Third, it depends on whether the theme amusement programs featured in the theme park perfectly reflect the theme of the park and achieve the amusement experience and goals that people long for and hope for.

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For example, the theme of the paradise designed by the COWBOY Group in the Qishan Week Cultural Scenic Area is a parent-child fantasy treehouse. In order to highlight this theme, the Shepherd designed three artificial giant trees with a height of about 16 meters. Treehouse paradise and they are connected to each other by aerial crawling, with various unpowered amusement equipment, such as stainless steel slides of various shapes, climbing walls, crawling, etc., only to bring visitors a more wonderful treehouse adventure experience, Facts have proved that this treehouse adventure project, which is the main theme of the park, can not only make parents and children full of sensory stimulation and surprises during the play process but also receive their unanimous praise.

The above are the three simple ways to identify whether the theme park design is creative. I want to know more about the customization and design of children's theme parks, new concept unpowered children's amusement parks, and parent-child jungle theme parks?

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As a leader in China's unpowered amusement equipment, COWBOY Group creates a dream paradise and an experiential outdoor creative children's playground with children's vision. If you have related needs, please contact us. COWBOY Group will spare no effort to provide you with more satisfactory services.