COWBOY's view: Why is the parent-child theme park so in great demand ?

Dec 16,2019

COWBOY's view: Why is the parent-child theme park so in great demand ?

In recent years, various amusement parks, farms, tourist resorts, and characteristic towns built with the theme of parent-child parks have become more and more popular. How quickly became so popular? COWBOY Group tried to do some analysis for you.

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As we all know, the number of newborns has increased significantly since China ’s second birth was fully liberalized. Today, the post-80s generation has become the main force of the parent-child tourism market, and it has a tendency to tilt back to the 90s. Traveling parents are getting younger and younger. The younger generation of parents are mostly more up-to-date and pay more attention to the education of their children. Expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons.

Since parent-child travel is becoming more and more popular, and is gradually leading the mainstream consumer trend in the travel market, can all kinds of parent-child theme parks created with this carrier be used? The enthusiasm of the parent-child travel market has promoted the popularity of parent-child theme parks, which is the main reason.

Secondly, the rich and varied entertainment projects of the parent-child theme park have greatly satisfied the needs of parents and children. Do parents want to relax and interact with their children at the same time? Do you want both parties to have fun and learn together? Want to be environmentally friendly, improve your child's interpersonal skills, and be able to share better parenting experiences with others? All this, parent-child theme park can satisfy you.

Finally, the parent-child theme park has its own advantages. The parent-child theme park is different from other amusement parks or children's parks. It pays more attention to the shaping, upgrading and recovery of good parent-child relationships, and helps parents and children form better parent-child relationships. Friends to get along, understand each other, love each other.

Knowing the reason why parent-child theme parks are so popular is only the first step. How to create a parent-child theme park that parents, children admire, like and trust is even more critical.

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Based on an in-depth understanding of the human environment and ecological culture of Yanming Lake in Meizhou, COWBOY has designed an outdoor dynamic parent-child theme park full of childishness, simple but diverse gameplay, and convenient for parents to communicate, care and relax. The park is composed of four major sections, and the design and construction of each section reflect the sincerity and heartfelt of the COWBOY GROUP who hopes to show parents and children a more intimate and child-friendly park.

Theme entrance photography area

The children ’s favorite and familiar anime images 'Briar', 'Bramble', and 'Logger Vick' will start the journey of the park to make the children feel more intimate and give up the strange sense of distance in the venue. Parents can also enter the child ’s world, Joy, exchange, and take photos with them.

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Rest chat care area

The child turned into a music elf and tried to play innocent childhood sounds with a rhythm piano and rainbow drums. Parents took care of the birds nest swing and exchanged parenting experiences with other parents. They all enjoyed each other and the atmosphere was harmonious and happy.

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Ecological vitality park

Environmentally-friendly wooden combination slides, seesaws, spinning tops, and conical spinning crawls allow children to run up and down, explore left and right, and experience a worry-free and happy childhood. There is no temptation and disturbance of electronic products here, and children can do whatever they want. Into the embrace of nature.

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Physical fitness area

The expansion area consisting of 12 net rope jungle adventure crawls allows parents and children to help each other to jointly complete the test of crossing the jungle. The process of adventure through the game is also a sweet upgrade of the parent-child relationship and the child learns to be brave and persistent.

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As a leader in China's non-powered amusement equipment, the COWBOY Group creates a dream paradise and an experiential outdoor creative children's playground with children's vision.

Please contact us if you have any related needs. COWBOY Group will spare no effort to provide you with more satisfactory services.