Study tour in Cowboy modern kindergarten furniture factory

Jul 27,2018

This Thursday, all members in COWBOY overseas department went to a study tour in our new modern kindergarten furniture tour in Qingyuan.

The director of the preschool furniture factory led us to visit the factory, including workshop and warehouse, and gave us detailed description and explanation on our questions. With lots of interests, we listened carefully and many of us took notes. Through this short study tour, we learned more about the materials and the process of nursery classroom furniture, the tables and chairs for kindergarten, the kids cabinets and shelves and so on.

The big modern factory of daycare furniture and the process impressed us much. Next month, we will move here too, where our new headquarter is located, and then we can learn more about the kids school furniture anytime we want. And we welcome you to come to visit our new factory!