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Kids Theme Park in the South of Zhongshan


Project Description:

Covering an area of over 30,000 square meters, the amusement facilities are unprecedentedly rich, and the play area is clearly divided, such as the youth activity area, the infant play area, the school age children's swing area, etc., only to bring children a better growth and amusement space。

The scientifically planned amusement park area is divided by floor mats of different colors to make it easier for children to play games.A large compound theme slide park with dark blue floor mats to keep children in a dreamland.Different themes are created, and the different colors match, but the unpowered play equipment is perfectly integrated.

Slides, crawling, drilling nets, walking ladders, platforms are all essential elements for children to have fun in their childhood.The purple floor mats create a romantic and inviting atmosphere for the children to enhance their playful immersive experience.The vast sand pool is equipped with a rocking horse and a swing, and the children can play here all day.

A creative cartoon double-tube slide, this is the beginning of a child's adventure.A happy trampoline and a small slide of ladybugs allow younger children to have their own happy field. The exciting and unpowered rides of the amusement park are the source of happiness for the children. An adventure park made of quality logs, combined with slides, crawling and drilling nets, is full of fun.

Fun turntables and blue bug megaphones allow children and partners to grow up in the game.The micro-terrain adventure park and a variety of musical pieces allow children to take risks while enjoying the beauty of music. The youth activity area is wide, playing table tennis, basketball, etc., where the teenagers exercise a strong body. The addition of football fields will better cultivate young people's love for football.

A climbing wall that helps children exercise their hands and feet.Pay more attention to the safety of climbing nets, let the children experience the fun of "topping up".The Fire Safety Science District provides practical fire safety knowledge for children.The “fire truck” is designed to give the child a real-life simulation experience center.

The fire drill channel and the fire knowledge small class allow the children to learn and play happily while playing. The sensory training area is a play space for exercising all aspects of the child's comprehensive ability. The wooden outdoor development area often attracts a large number of parents to play and experience. The wooden facilities consisting of a small platform and a drill tube are favored by a wide range of parents.

Colorful plum blossom piles allow children to play back and forth and exercise a good balance. The circular climbing frame brings people closer to the interaction and collaboration between people. Traffic safety science districts, roads, traffic lights, signs, etc. are all designed to allow children to grow up safely. Children and parents learn about traffic safety knowledge here, fun and meaningful.

The school-age children's swing area allows parents and children to interact and share the joy of family.The swings of various styles are lined up and the venue is wide, so that the parents can enjoy themselves.

Project Name: 

Kids Theme Park in the South of Zhongshan


Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province, China 

Site Area:

30,000 square meters

Main Equipment:

Climbing Wall, Trampoline,Wooden Kids Playground,Kids Swing, Cunstomized Kids Playground

Opening Time:


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