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water park project design


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COWBOY has an experienced, talented and innovative team dedicated to the aquatic industry. We are professional in design, manufacturer, installation of water park and water play attractions, we are committed to provide the best quality products and best services.

This city water park design was made for a coastal city in south eastern Asia where the weather is pleasant all the year which is quite suitable for water park. Water parks can open all the year and the operating revenue is very considerable. Designed by the southeast Asia style, this water park make the busy and stressful metropolitan flee from the noisy cities and embrace the nature.

It contains several exciting water slides for adults and teenagers including big tornado water slide, huge boomerang water slide, open twisted water slides combination; a huge wave pool or hurricane bay, a big water playground with numerous fiberglass water slides and water play pool for small kids with a lot of water play attractions.

Being the most popular water slide in water parks, the tornado slide is a must play water park equipment. Seating together with friends and families in a 4-person or 2-person raft, you will feel super excitement when you sway from left to right then right to left in the horn like huge water slide.

The boomerang water slide is also one of the most thrilling water slides. With a 2-person or 4-person raft, you will slip from the highest point to the lowest point then go upwards again to a sharp slope. You will experience the power of gravity and the extremely excitement with your families and friends.

Wave pool is a kind of water park equipment that can create artificial wave, it creates the most realistic wave and make people feel they are in the real wave. It takes a large space in the water park, but it is the king of visitors attraction. The huge pool can attract and take in hundreds of thousands of people and they can play for hours with families and friends. With slight noise and low energy consumption, easy management and operation, the wave pool is not only suitable for big water parks, but also suitable for hotels and resorts, spy center and so on.

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