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Jiaxiang RGB Kindergarten in Shandong Province


Project introduction: 

The kindergarten is located in Jiaxiang County, Shandong Province. The kindergarten aims to create an intimate parent-child park. The park is open to the public and the outdoor facilities are complete. The children can enjoy adventure and exploration in the park. It is a paradise for children.

The kindergarten is located in Jiaxiang County, Shandong Province with pleasant climate. Large venues make every child lively. Four-color runway deconstructs children's imagination. Outdoor development allows children to get close to nature. Cleverly arranged trails are more interesting.

Balance beam exercise child guts. Animated design of the roller is fun. A small pavilion on the sand pool allows children to explore. Simulated aircraft design makes children more like. Let the child become a little pilot. Large outdoor equipment guarantees child safety. Outdoor facilities mainly run, jump and drill.

Platform connection equipment becomes one. The addition of the rotary slide makes the game more. Adventure activities make children more love. Unpowered equipment for kids to have fun.

The venue is open to accommodate more children. Combination slides can have more outdoor experiences. Promote children's physical and mental health and grow up. Wall-mounted design saves space

Project Name: 

Jiaxiang RGB Kindergarten


Shandong Province, China

Main Equipment:

Outdoor development Equipment, Balance beam, aircraft Playground, Combined slides

Opening Time:


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