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Yunnan Normal University affiliated kindergarten


Yunnan Normal University affiliated kindergarten

Project introduction: 

The project is located in Kunming, where the seasons are like spring. The kindergarten has a simple and clear style. The park has a lot of fun equipment and functional rooms with various functions. It is a professional high quality kindergarten.

Kindergarten has beautiful doors. Large outdoor equipment is everywhere. The designer incorporates the elements of wood into the device. Let the children get in touch with nature.

Sophisticated design makes children fall in love instantly. Children can completely liberate themselves outdoors. Adapt to local conditions to let children discover Xintiandi.

Round roller lets kids fall in love with the game. Combination of nature and sports. A variety of designs to adapt to children of different ages.

Expand the area to let children have their own space. Pine Tower design makes children show their vitality. Also equipped with a rope net to ensure safety. Children who like quiet can also find the world.

Also set up a combination slide. Close to nature, essential to play sand. Children can play their own games. The lobby is also full of design.

The indoor art room also has a slide. In the children, there are movements. Art room design fosters children's vision. Come to an ancient and modern dialogue. Independent lighting protects children's vision.

Let space fit into the kids. Open structure makes children feel more at ease. Manual class frees children's imagination. Spacious lunch breaks keep your child alive. The reading room next to the child gives the child knowledge. Open the ground to let the children dance. Advanced piano gives children a better enlightenment.

Project Name: 

Yunnan Normal University Affiliated Kindergarten


Yunnan Province, China

Main Equipment:

Round Roller, Pine Tower Style Playground, Rope Net, Combined slides, Art Room Design, Reading Room Design, Music Classroom Design, etc.

Opening Time:


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