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Kindergarten project



Cowboy has been in the kids amusement equipment for 15 years and we are professional in designing, manufacturing and building kids play area.The picture above shows our design for a public park in Uzbekistan. The client wanted it to be multifunctional and interesting so that it can offer service for a larger range of people.

The area contains two parts, actually three parts, including the football area which doesn’t need design. The other two part is mainly divided into three zones: toddler and family zone, preschool children zone, pupil and teenager zone.

The pupil and teenager zone is a separate small zone with an area of about 300 sqm. We set outdoor climbing structure and climbing wall as well as other outdoor training equipment for older kids to play.

In the preschooler zone, there are mainly two large outdoor playground equipment including a castle theme kids outdoor playground and a special playground with sunshade, as well as hill slides , swing sets and climbing holds. Kids of preschool ages can enjoy their free time here playing with their friends, with their parents resting and watching beside under the tree shade.

The toddler zone is the most large area has has the most special design. The most notable thing in this area is the foot print shape walking path where parents or old people can walk on with their kids. Outside the foot print area, there are several spring rockers for small kids and parents can rest aside on the bench under the tree.

Inside the foot print area is a sand pit which also contains lots of kids playing equipment including stepping plates, wooden walking bridge, stainless steel hill slide from the walking path to the sand pit and also resting bench so that parents can watch their kids playing.

The whole kids play area is about 1500 sqm, in this limited area, we made it really multifunctional and interesting, it has lots of interactive playsets for children of different ages and it’s kids and adults friendly. As the play area of kids in a public park, it can surely offer a perfect place for the residents to enjoy their family time.

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