Poland Fun City Nature Theme Kids Club
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Poland Fun City Nature Theme Kids Club


Fun City is a nature theme new concept indoor playground. There are total 2000sqm and It is transformed from an ice rink into a children's playground.

The entire game space is divided into five major areas, according to the natural theme ,derived from the wind, lightning,rain in nature to set up the game line. After entering the venue game area, children can experience the impact of different environmental factors. Encourage the child to continue to explore.

Different from traditional indoor playground,  It has introduced role-playing game, baking rooms and building blocks where children can learn and make friends with each other.

The different play area are set according to different age group. Rainbow climbing net ,play structure,trampoline park are suitable for kids age from 3-12 years old.ball pool ,toddler area ,sand pit are suitable for kids from 1-5 years old. Except these interesting play attraction ,we also design a popular Projector game inside the play area. Kids can play with interactive games on the floor or on the wall.What’s more, parents can play with their children.