Climbing Playground

Outdoor Children Climbing Playground

The Climbing Playground is a famous amusement project, which can be seen in outdoor amusement parks, children’s amusement parks, scenic spots, kindergarten, parks, playgrounds, and other places. The climbing net is mainly made of polyester, polyethylene, nylon, etc. At present, the types of outdoor children climbing nets include irregular climbing nets, climbing peaks, drilling nets maze, rainbow rope nets, rope nets drilling nets combination, and other related climbing projects.

Children Development Training

Climbing, rock climbing, and rope net is an essential part of adventure education and is also a positive and important factor to enhance physical fitness and promote intellectual development. With sports, exploration, challenge, and growth as the core, it integrates the essence of popular international outdoor sports, expansion training, scout education, and psychological behavior training, and is a comprehensive training facility to promote the comprehensive development of children’s physical strength, intelligence, and emotional intelligence.

Playground Climbing Structures

The playground climbing structures and rope net rides give you a different experience. Rope net series of amusement facilities mainly exercise children’s flexibility, limb coordination, and balance ability, climbing can enhance children’s sense of adventure, improve physical fitness.

Kids Jungle Gym

Kids Jungle Gym​ and explorers, join the adventure team of the rainforest, climb and search in the jungle with your partners, experience the magic of nature, explore the secrets of the deep rainforest, providing children and young people of all ages with a variety of play, jungle climbing opportunities

Sky Trail

The sky trail high ropes to test your skills like the rope bridges, zig-zag beams, walk-across beams, vertical rope ladders, and more. Give play to the most interesting outdoor adventure elements. Over the years, the groups that have received employees’ family days, family tours, employee tours, and corporate external training have received a wide range of responses

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