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Outdoor Playground

Whenever children come to the children’s playground, they may gradually get rid of their dependence and become independent. On the one hand, novel and unique play items can stimulate children’s interest, learn to play independently, and relieve anxiety; on the other hand, there are many playmates in the playground and can play. There are also many projects, children will no longer stick to their parents from time to time, and the paradise project can also guide children to learn to be independent! Each of the children’s amusement equipment is challenging children’s knowledge and creativity of their bodies, improving their learning ability, increasing happiness during play, and helping children explore and understand the changes in their environment and body.

At the same time, children’s equipment is good for children to give full play to their mobility and imagination. While having fun and joy, they can also get aerobic endurance exercises. It is helpful to cultivate children’s brave, tough, and tenacious personality, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination, etc. Quality, to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, strengthening the brain, and improving the intelligence.

Choose unpowered amusement facilities, cost-effective, later maintenance and operating costs are relatively low, unpowered equipment can be flexibly combined to adapt to projects of different scales and environments. Different from roller coasters, carousels, and other experience processes that require repeated queuing, unpowered amusement parks are all in a group mode, and at the same time, the built-in format is rich, allowing children’s parents to stay longer. The plan of unpowered amusement facilities has very little damage to the natural environment and can be highly integrated with the local cultural environment and natural landscape.

Theme landscape play:
In the theme park scenic area, we will see that the landscapes are all shaped to echo the main style of the main body. There are other landscapes: cement simulation tree, hot spring bathing landscape, character and animal sculptures, etc. The styles of sculptures are also different. In addition, the color of the sculpture can be gorgeous or antique, it is like a dream trip. Such a landscape-designed theme park can bring people happiness and laughter without age distinction-children will be able to meet and interact with their favorite friends (landscape animals), and mom and dad will smile and record each time. A wonderful moment, the park is full of novelty, excitement, and adventure, waiting for you to discover.

Climbing class:
As more advanced amusement equipment for crawling, the significance of challenge and excitement is more prominent. The perspective and scenery of each height are completely different, especially after their own hard work, children know how to cherish, which is good for children’s ethics training and It helps a lot to broaden your horizons.

Stainless steel slide

Stainless steel children’s slide is a kind of children’s sports activity equipment. A ladder is installed on one side of the high shelf, and an inclined skateboard is installed on the other side. Children go up the ladder and slide down from the inclined board. It is a common kind of children’s play equipment.

Rope swing

The first floor is a rope swing, where children can swing on the ball. The second floor is a rope maze with a capacity of 1,000 people. On the third floor, there is a large castle platform for rock climbing, which can be expanded and shuttled between the surrounding castles through the air. . The rainbow net bag runs through various areas (air trampoline, air maze, aerial drill net) to wrap the rainbow net bag as the main traffic path. Children can bounce, run, and jump on the trail. This trail has different levels of ups and downs, a strong activity factor, and a high safety factor. In the middle of the aerial maze, there is a two-tier platform leading to the first-tier maze area. There is a treasure chest in the middle of the maze. Different items of the maze can be set to increase the difficulty and train children’s intelligence and physical abilities, which is interesting.

It can not only accommodate more children for entertainment and play, but also design climbing ladders of different difficulty, and with swing swings, rainbow balls, and other entertainment items, it can meet the different needs of children. The internal design rope net woven ladder climbs to the top position, children can concentrate on the internal position to play and jump, the bottom is equipped with swinging swings, rainbow balls and other equipment, children can ride on it to enjoy leisurely. The overall colorful and bright visual beauty allows children to grow up happily and safely in the fairy-tale color kingdom.


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