How to design the outdoor recreation space specifically for children?

outdoor recreation space

Childhood has a decisive influence on children’s development in the future. As a place closest to children’s daily life, children’s play space is a socialized space that allows children to release their playful nature, play freely, feel nature, recognize nature, and contact the society.

design the site for children
design the site for children

Therefore, in the innovative design of children’s amusement spaces, we should not only ensure safety and interesting gameplay but also integrate the idea of teaching through fun.

Next, let’s take a look at how to design the site for children:

Vol. 1: field

In the design of an amusement space, the first consideration is the structure of the site.
Children are much more interested in irregular shapes than regular shapes;
So we can make full use of some of the natural irregular shapes, which can be twice as effective in attracting children’s interest.

With a certain slope of lit cloud is children’s favorite web celebrity, hide and seek in the rugged mountains or hills, whenever the children climb to a new place, to feel different from the change of the height, bring a new sense to the child’s visual and experience, not only help develop children’s concept of space, and helps children from a new Angle to observe the environment.

Vol. 2: vegetation

The design factor of vegetation plays a decisive role in the design of outdoor recreation spaces. Children are curious and adventurous, and the dense trees can attract them to enter so that they can fully contact nature while bringing excitement to play.

For children, plants are a paradise of color, healthy space, and a mysterious world worth exploring.
We should also be careful to avoid poisonous, prickly, and insect-ridden plants.

Vol. 3: sand

Children love to play with sand and mud at any time, anywhere.
They can dig, build, carve, fill and hollow, or mix them with water to play with.

Vol.4: Close to water

The joy water brings to children is everywhere, the feeling of dry and wet is different, the change of rising and falling water is enough to arouse children’s great interest.
It is children’s nature to like to play with water because water is a creative game for children, which can promote their sensory development and exercise their hands-on ability.

Although water is rarely used in the amusement space, children can feel the characteristics of water and learn the wisdom of the ancients through the simple water collecting device if the weather and resources permit. At the same time, children can also be inspired to recognize and explore the world.

Vol.5: Speech area

Children are keen on making sounds by beating or rubbing objects.
How natural it is to make a sound, when the breeze blows, the grass and the leaves of the trees will make a sound.
The shepherd boy carefully prepared a variety of “appearance level” and “connotation” both of the music sketch, rainbow drum, teaching officer piano…
These make the child incarnate “music elf”.

These are enough to keep children happy, and children especially like the facilities that allow for interactive experiments, which are not only entertaining but also instructive for children.

Vol.6: Rest area

In addition to noise, the recreation area should also have a quiet corner. If a child can sit quietly here, relax or gather strength, this is an indispensable area in the recreation area.

In larger playgrounds, a resting area may consist of nothing more than a row of rocking horses, providing both a resting place and a zoning zone.

Vol.7: Cognition through Shape

Imagination itself is a child’s most important and effective play device. Unspecific and abstract objects, such as a pile of stones or sand, are far more attractive to children than concrete and special objects.

Vol.8: Complex rides

There is a trend in today’s amusement space design to combine traditional single-function facilities with more complex, modular facilities.

A good ride should be designed to be easily adjusted to suit the different needs of children.
Complex facilities should be as different in difficulty as possible.

Every child is a different individual, so their needs are also diverse and uncertain. We should design a play space that allows all children to have an excellent experience.

Children’s laughter is every parent’s want to see, each growth process of fun, but also The imprint is engraved on my heart, this is the growth memoir!


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