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With the acceleration of the development of our outdoor parks and playground design, the contradiction between construction and ecological environment resources has become increasingly prominent. Through the comprehensive development and utilization of the area where the planned project is located, the physical space is maximized and the planning and design concept of doubling the value of the outdoor park and reasonable price is realized. This will have a positive impact on the development of tourism planning and design industry. The overall planning of the playground means a more comprehensive long-term development plan. It is to think about, consider and design a whole set of actions for the future as a whole, long-term and basic issues. Therefore, when it comes to planning, it is necessary to consider a series of issues such as land acquisition, planning and design drawings. In fact, this is a partial and complete understanding of the concept of planning. The overall plan is to achieve a certain demand, people carry out long-term deliberate artificial transformation and utilization of the land. It refers to the overall planning and layout of the amusement projects required by parks, children’s playgrounds, community outdoor, playgrounds, kindergartens, schools, and public places, and then determining the design plan to realize that playground equipment in public places not only meets its own functional needs, but also the overall The internal structure is clear and reasonable, and is in harmony with the surrounding environment. The overall site planning project is mainly based on site theme plan customization. The supporting facilities include slides, swing bridges, swings, drill holes, trampolines, integrated balance beam series, wooden slides, large plastic composite slides, plastic climbing, and wooden climbing , PE board series, physical training, fitness equipment, leisure chair, etc.

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Theme park design

The most attractive part of a theme park is undoubtedly its rides. So in the early stage of determining the concept, we have customized a matrix of rides and attractions. Under the guidance of this table, the designer Able to customize and coordinate their work systematically according to facility selection. You can also provide a checklist based on this form to coordinate other park components. Our industry experience enables us to select from equipment and how to integrate it into design solutions. Here is always only equipment selection. Landscape architecture needs to take into account all outdoor spaces in the park. We also carry out corresponding greening of these areas, placing or decorating with water features or other decorations. From the initial design to the final execution. Accurate to the most details. Our landscape architects have created a series of spaces that do not affect comfort and leave a deep impression on people, while deepening the theme of the park.

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playground design plan

The construction of outdoor children’s parks is different from the design of indoor parks. There are apparent differences between the two. In the planning of outdoor gardens, the natural landscape environment of the site selection area should be taken into account, including landscape conditions, topography and other factors. When landscape design is compatible with amusement, the designers summarized the following five design principles.


Designed Security

Because children are not mature enough in their physical and psychological development, they are incredibly vulnerable to the surrounding environment. Therefore, in the design of children’s playground, safety must be put first. The location of the children’s playground should be as far away as possible from the roadway and the surrounding public places where the surrounding environment is relatively disordered, and the children’s playground should not lose contact with the surrounding environment and become a blind spot to prevent vehicles and crimes from threatening children. Besides, we must also pay attention to the safety of activity equipment and the safety of the detailed design of the site. There should be no dangerous protrusions (such as nails and bolts, etc.), squeezing points, sharp edges, sharp corners, and children that may be stuck—the opening of the head and fingers to avoid accidental injuries when children are moving.


Universal design

Designers should follow the needs of the diversity of children’s activities, taking into account the characteristics of children’s curiosity, strong curiosity, energetic, and eagerness to explore the surrounding world. The design should integrate fun, participation, diversity and knowledge into one for children. Create a relaxing, natural and fully functional playground.


Combine natural design

The previous article mentioned about the gifts of nature. We should make use of them in time. In the design of a children’s playground, it is a very innovative way to rely on nature and integrate nature. Make full use of the site’s resources for design, such as pool, Hillsides, groves and other landscapes, adopt measures to local conditions, take local materials, and strategy should respect nature as much as possible, and not excessively pursue artificial traces.


scale design

The senses of sight, hearing, smell and taste in landscape design constitute the scale of the plan. The method of children’s playground must pay attention to the height and range of children’s sightline so that they can easily see the system, and only then can it arouse interest in the venue and equipment. Simply put, everything is designed to be simple and not too complicated to make people feel distant.


Designed Security

One of the characteristics of children’s groups is that they are continually developing and changing. Developmental behaviours include cognitive development, language development, emotional development, interest development, social development, moral development, personality development, etc. The diversity of children’s behavioural development makes the mechanism of children’s growth environment Complex, diverse and changeable. From passive to active, from imitation to creation, they all reflect the actual promotion significance of the venue to children.

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