Theme Parks In Japan "JULA GOON"

Laguna Ten Bosch Co., Ltd. (Location: Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Yasuhiro Tatsumi) will start pool operations this summer from Saturday, June 29th. In addition, the new pool facility “JULAGOON” will be open for business from Saturday, July 13th.

This year, in addition to the conventional pool facilities such as a pool with a total length of 230m and a pool with a maximum wave height of 1m, a pool facility “JULAGOON” with the theme of dinosaurs and adventure will be newly introduced. .. This facility is a new facility that renewed the children’s pool “Yadokari-san no Umi”, and under the symbol tree, creatures such as animals and dinosaurs are gathered. You can play with sliders, water guns, water buckets, Tarzan ropes, etc. that you can play in swimsuits in various places as if you were adventuring in the world of dinosaurs.

Creek Bay Children's Paradise,Chengdu,Sichuan

The overall basis is taken from the shape of the mountains, rolling ups and downs, patchwork, so that the space beat rhythm, active atmosphere; with blue water element runs through the ground, to maximize the rich site level; in order to meet the needs of different classes of children, high design , Medium and low difficulty games to mobilize the children actively participate in the selection of highly interactive devices, so that children experience affection from family ties, coordination and cooperation, which will help children’s cognitive, physical, social and other capabilities to allow children to show pleasure Space is not just for fun, it also plays an important role in keeping children’s physical and mental development.

Changbai Island Aviation City children's paradise,Shenyang,Liaoning

The project in the planning and design, consider creating a fun activity space. The venue focuses on the design of recreational facilities and landscape structures of the integration, the entire design needs recreational facilities and civil engineering together, so that the entire event space is more rich and interesting. Enrich the children’s perception of space at the same time, with the color also allows children to have joyful emotions. Taking into account the needs of children in physical training, the venue is equipped with equipment that allows children to use both hands and feet and enhance balance. It also considers the provision of facilities suitable for young children to interact with their parents.

Children's playground in Xu Cuo District, Catic City, Fujian

The program in the design of “clouds” as the element sketches the entire site modeling. Rocket towers and waves crawling rocket, rising in the background of the blue sky and white clouds, through layers of clouds, shining in the sun shining colorful light, forming a gorgeous scene. Each cloud is designed with different functions, children can chase each other in the blown clouds play, you can find a quiet place to play

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